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Machinery and transport equipment will also be among the top exports, as will chemical products (biotechnology).Nevertheless, Brexit could have a negative impact on export items due to lower demand from the United Kingdom (4th biggest export market).External debt is still considerable (130% of GDP), even though it has fallen strongly since 2013.Two thirds of this can be attributed to the Danish financial sector because of the interconnection between the Nordic banking sectors.In 2018, growth will remain vigorous, buoyed by private consumption and investment.Private consumption will be sustained by historically low interest rates (key rate: 0%; interest on bank deposits with the central bank: -0.65% since February 2015), higher wages, as well as low unemployment (4.4% in September 2017).

Exports of agricultural products (pork, milk) will be the least dynamic, especially those to Asian countries and Germany.Effectively, the implementation of the government’s Strategic Plan (2017-2025) could be strongly compromised by these disagreements.The persistence of these splits could lead to early elections in 2018.IRENA has found that at least 1.3 TW of renewable power installed capacity would be added globally between 20 as a result of NDC implementation.This represents a 76% increase in the world’s total installed capacity compared to 2014.Residential construction will be especially dynamic due to the recovery in property prices and the improved financial position of households.However, the energy sector (oil and gas) will represent a smaller and smaller share of the economy and will still be affected by weak commodity prices.These comprise, specifically, cuts to income tax as well as twenty-two initiatives designed to foster long-term growth.All these measures will be financed by cuts in funding for the public rail company and by reducing social transfers abroad.This policy has enabled export competitiveness to be maintained while supporting domestic demand.The government is expected to maintain a cautious fiscal policy, in order to prevent the economy from overheating, given the low unemployment rate.


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