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You make a button that goes through a generic named account that you use for all your paypal services.I use mine for all my sites all 27, they all get processed by the same account. Then when that process is over and you grab the IPN values with your listener, at that point the paypal process is over, they could care less after that. dollars you can choose the option of getting paid through Paxum, which is a service similar to Pay Pal (Pay Pal itself doesn’t allow adult services).Think of it as phone sex or instant message style cybersex with a little something extra!

What I am saying to you is that paypal still reports those "gifts' to the IRS.However, it is still possible to use Pay Pal on sites using Epoch as a payment processor because Epoch offers Pay Pal as a payment method.This is the trick you can use to circumnavigate Pay Pal’s rigid rules, as it is not the webcam sites who will take your payment but their payment processor Epoch, to whom they’ve subcontracted for payments.You can also send them an email at [email protected](I think) and ask them to review your website for consideration.You have to read the fine print in the TOS, this goes for all services you use.I believe (correct me if i am wrong) what they are saying in their TOS is that you cannot process a sale transaction for a adult product or an adult service sale using paypal.But hey if i want to accept a gift from someone and in return give them some freedom on the site, thats is not a violation now is it. It is up to you on your tax form to declare and what not.Ok, so I've been searching google for a payment provider like paypal that allows adult websites. I only wish to sell subscriptions for user roles with different permissions, none of them "adult" related at all. If I'm not selling adult related material, services, porn or products why can't I use paypal?And If they do and you don't, then you could be audited.When that occurs it will ultimately be up to the IRS to decide if your method is fraud or if it is in fact gifts that you were receiving.


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