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Aish dating speed

But I dodn't have documentation so I leave it on this rarely-viewed page. It ought to be cleaned up from a NPOVHyim , 19 July 2006 (UTC) –Hmm...I know lots of 'committed Jews' who are graduates of the Aish yeshiva and programmes abroad.

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I don't have a reference to back this up, so I won't put it on the main page, but this passaage: "However, the accusation is not only commonly dismissed by Aish Ha Torah members and staff, but also the majority of religious Jews, who see the controversy surrounding Aish Ha Torah as rooting from secular Judaism in an attempt to taint Aish Ha Torah's name, and their outreach work" is just false.

uses scientific methods of research to explore the authenticity of Judaism" is made.

This is challenged by scientists such as Barry Simon.

The first paragraph is a good example of this - much of it is false (especially in the various branches of the organisation with which I have personal experience), and dubious at best; and the controversy section is an ongoing conversation between various editors.

I don't see the point of editing as based on current trends it will be gone within a few days...


  1. Dating is the evaluation period to determine whether you want a lifelong relationship with this person. He received his rabbinic degree from Aish HaTorah in 1996.

  2. TalkAish HaTorah WikiProject. Mentioning Spielberg's inconsistency with the ideals of Aish HaTorah is relevant. SPEED DATING The speed dating.

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