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Regardless, based on the data, all you Princeton guys out there should probably keep your student IDs handy when you’re going on dates. School’s popularity and its academic ranking Is it a pure coincidence that most of these top 10 schools are universities with the strongest academic programs in the nation?

Generally, in my experience as a statistician, the word “coincidence” is simply shorthand for “missing correlative data”.

Does this mean I need to go back to school and get my MRS degree to find a good husband? Yes, intelligence matters but that’s such a small piece of the entire equation.

To me dating is about finding somebody we’re truly compatible with, somebody who “gets us”, challenges us, surprises us. I don’t know about the rest of you but back in college I barely knew what classes I wanted to take the next semester, much less who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. About Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB): Every day at noon, we introduce you to one single with whom you share mutual friends.

Are women better off trying to find their partners while they are still at school?

And, more specifically, does your Alma Mater really matter when it comes to dating? Top 50 most represented schools on Coffee Meets Bagel In order to answer this question, we first took a look at the top 50 most heavily represented schools on Coffee Meets Bagel, and ranked each one based on their “popularity” as defined by % of times each alum was LIKED by their Bagels.

Seit dem Jahr 2000 fanden tausende glückliche Männer und Frauen bei Asian Dating ihre Seelenverwandten und erzählten uns ihre Geschichten.

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  1. Is Susan Patton right? Should you have gotten your MRS Degree? CMB looks at data to prove dating myth #3 Does your alma mater matter in dating?

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