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Anderson cooper dating andy cohen

Everyone is addicted to at least one: "Beverly Hills," "New Jersey," Atlanta." But, despite rumors that have persisted for several years, don't expect to see Houston women engaging in TV drama and wine fights anytime soon.

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The two are extremely close (they wrote a book together).

But good old Cohen just couldn't resist asking about her.

The show has since evolved but steers clear of any serious territory. But I think now that we have Dallas, I think we're good." Uh-oh.

The friends interview each other and take questions from the audience, which they say is made up of mostly women. "It's like going out to a bar with us, basically." After the show, the dynamic duo will likely, and literally, pop up at a local bar for an after-show cocktail. "Andy likes to suss it out, he says, a few days in advance, so sometimes he tries to arrive several days in advance," Cooper says.

Like, "Oh, look, Andy sat down with some Jelly Bellies, and he's having a little kiki right now." Anyway, you're not interviewing me, are you?

It's a constant back and forth, punctuated by fits of laughter. As an interviewer, to me, it seems like engagement.Cohen enjoys making Cooper squirm and says the CNN anchor is "way funnier than I am onstage." "I'm normally very introverted. It's not a night of current events - although, if by current events you mean what's happening with Dorinda (from 'Real Housewives of New York City'), then there are lots of current events," Cooper says. "You don't even know - he says that word (Dorinda) phonetically. Lady Gaga, who is friends with both men, is in town this weekend for a Sunday show at Toyota Center. "It's nice to be able to travel around the country to great cities and meet people and do it with someone you're really friends with and be able to go out afterward and just have a really fun weekend. There's no point in doing this if it's not fun for the audience and if it's not fun for us." ********** No Houston 'Housewives' Andy Cohen has spun "Real Housewives" into a global franchise that spans the world. They're like two sides of the same perfectly coiffed coin. And what they share, among other things, is a love of Houston. I know that sounds like I'm just pandering, but I actually love Houston," Cooper says.At one point during our call, they debate who might be the most high-maintenance on the road. Cooper has visited "eight or nine times" to cover stories and eventually made friends in the city. "There are some places, in other cities - I won't say where - that are kind of snooty." Not one to be outdone, Cohen quickly chimes in with his own take on the Bayou City.Globe-trotting, Emmy-winning journalist Anderson Cooper, the son of heiress and designer Gloria Vanderbilt, has long cultivated a steady persona, whether as an on-camera personality appealing to a broad range of TV viewers, or as a reporter in dangerous, war-torn regions persuading reluctant sources to open up to him.In either scenario, Cooper’s inquisitive, earnest approach feels tinged with a certain world-weariness — a savvy combination of birthright and experience that has propelled the 49-year-old New York native to the highest levels of his industry. “A lot of people come up and say, ‘I’d love to go out for a drink with you,’ ” Cooper said over the phone from New York City last week. And between both of their shows (Cooper on CNN and Cohen on Bravo), AC-squared would rule the entertainment world. As the story goes, the two were set up on a blind date back in the day, but the date never even happened. While on , Cooper revealed why he and Cohen never worked out.Cooper, of course, is the silver-haired CNN anchor and "60 Minutes" newsman who has interviewed presidents and visited war-torn countries.Cohen, the "Real Housewives" wrangler, dishes nightly with celebrities on the Bravo talk show "Watch What Happens Live," hosts Fox's "Love Connection" reboot and has a Sirius XM channel, Radio Andy. It's clear amid the ribbing that these two are great friends.


  1. Dec 23, 2017. How Andy Cohen Blew His Shot at Dating Anderson Cooper. "I knew within 45 seconds I was never going on a date with Andy Cohen," says the "AC360" anchor. Jon Levine, provided by.

  2. Jan 30, 2018. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Bravo host Andy Cohen are bringing their “AC2 Deep Talk and Shallow Tales” tour to Charlotte's Belk Theater in June. Cooper and Cohen have known each other since being set up on a blind date several years ago they apparently weren't a romantic match, but.

  3. Oct 3, 2017. BFFs and TV's most prominent and powerful gay men Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen flip the mics to see who can make the other blush first. Set up on a blind date 20 years ago, Cooper quickly nixed any prospect of romance when the ever-curious Cohen broke a cardinal relationship rule by asking.

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