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On Row Deleting - can call registered event handlers" I couldnt figure out how to continue this thread, but the issues in it are related so i'm including it as a reference.

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It gets into the "On Row Updating" event just fine, but there are no New Values or Old Values. Regarding on the Grid View control's Row Updating event problem, it is the expected behavior because when we do not associate Grid View(or other ASP.

I have tried to add an event handler to the Row Updated event of my custom control but it is not called.

I have tried to override On Row Updated in my custom control, but the breakpoint never gets hit.

David I suggested that the Row Updating function was being blocked by the . Data Bind() in the Row Command event so that only the Edit command will activate it (take it out of Row Editing). Twice for Row Command (1 for Row Editing and 1 for Row Canceling) and once for Row Editing. I am going to try and create this not as a web application but rather as a website and see if I notice any differences.

Data Bind() in Row Editing, I said nothing about what might happen if you removed it. Then set your breakpoints in Row Command, Row Editing, and Row Updating and we'll see what happens. David OK, I'm offically out of bullets, at least for now. If I get some time, I'll see if I can duplicate this, but I'm suspecting there's something out there that neither of us have looked at yet.


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  5. Hi Andrew, Welcome to the newsgroup. Regarding on the GridView control's RowUpdating event problem, it is the expected behavior because when we do not associate GridViewor other

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