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Bank dating ryan seacrest tyra

Taylor also is a big man at 6'6", and one lucky man to have still won the affection of the rich and famous Banks.

So this dispels the myth that only rock stars and athletes get all the supermodels.

October 6, 2007 - Contrary to reports that Tyra Banks and her boyfriend, New York investment banker John Utendahl, got engaged over the weekend, Banks' rep exclusively tells Usmagazine.com, "It's not true.

Tyra is not engaged."September 22, 2007 - Tyra Banks called in to Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (September 19) to chat about the new season of America's Next Top Model'.

And she's kept me sane, and a pretty decent person. She is."December 3, 2007 - 'Extra' asked Tyra Banks to confess: Has she ever purchased pornography? "OK, ever since the first season of the Tyra show - I always pitched my producers the idea of doing an entire show on the VAGINA," she writes.

An insider tells us the pair arrived at New York City’s Frames Bowling Lounge at p.m., sans fanfare, for a friendly game.We’re told the morning-TV personality and professional chef shared two lanes and played a single game in a private VIP area and were “very sweet” to the staff.The couple, who moved in together in the spring, wore plain clothes and only drank water.Tyra talked about the move to New York and whether the girls on the show are snobby. September 9, 2007 - Tyra Banks isn't ready to endorse a political candiditate for president yet the way Oprah Winfrey is backing Barack Obama."I can't say I'll publicly be endorsing a candidate, but it's something I'm thinking about," said Banks, who is set to tape an interview with Obama on September 27th. I was lucky my mama was always open about vaginal health and told me from an early age WHAT'S UP DOWN THERE! But for some reason - my producers always said, "No Tyra. It's too controversial." When I'm told "No" it makes me try harder...FINALLY, in my third year on the air I finally pushed through the show I always wanted to do.Honestly, I don't know why women are so uncomfortable talking about their vagina.In fact, Tyra is teaming up with Kobe Bryant in a show to be shown on NBC debuting his new album, time will tell if the pair will become a pair.The latest person to be dating Tyra though isn't actually famous at all, rather her old high school sweetheart Craig Taylor, who is a first year law student at Fordham University.It finally should be noted that the lesbian themed Girlfriends magazine is dogging Tyra will rumors that she is bisexual.The evidence appears to center around WNBA star Teresa Weatherspoon, who is the point guard for the New York Liberty.


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