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Bob saget on the dating game

Saget's own sister, Gay, had died from the disease in 1994.On television, Saget remained the humorous, but mild manner host of for two more years, signing off in 1997. The short-lived comedy series featured Saget as the widowed father of two teenage girls.Just days later, the actor took a trip with his girlfriend — she describes herself as a “Blonde Sicilian Chicago/LA gal” on her Instagram — to an “undisclosed” location in celebration of her birthday.“Headed to an undisclosed vacation for the birthday celebration of my girlfriend Kelly aka @eattravelrock ~ FYI– We’re not on a bus,” Saget captioned the image on the photo and video-sharing app.The premise of the show was that his brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos) and his friend Joey (Dave Coulier) move in with his family. While critics weren't thrilled with the show, audiences loved it.The series reached the top 20 soon after it premiered on ABC in the fall of 1987.His comic skills emerged at an early age, winning kisses from girls in kindergarten for making them laugh.Around the age of 9, Saget started making movies with a Super 8 camera. But his grades were lackluster and got even worse when the family moved from Philadelphia to Encino, California, while he was a teenager.

The veteran standup comic, sitcom actor and author of the new book "Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian" in concert When: 7 p.m. HE'S A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR: His acclaimed autobiography, "Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Turned Filthy Comedian," is out in paperback Tuesday, Oct. FYI: It was declared "hilarious and heartbreaking" by Vanity Fair. HE'S NOT A C-WORD: "Celebrity is a word that I find offensive – the C-word. It doesn't mean you're a writer, an actor, a mime." 5.He made a short documentary, After graduating from Temple in 1978, Saget went to the prestigious film school at the University of Southern California, but he did not last long. He spent years on the comic club circuit, developing an act based on free association and his own unique commentary.Along the way, Saget befriended fellow comedians Gary Shandling and Dave Coulier.In 2005, movie goers got to see the raunchier side of Saget in (2006).Other vocal contributors included Dane Cook, Dave Coulier, Jason Alexander, Samuel L. Though Saget has had a successful on-screen television career, he lists his role as a father as the highlight of all of his life’s accomplishments.“The best thing I’ve done, the highest thing in my whole life is my daughters,” he told in 2009.Saget, 61, was married to Sherri Kramer from 1982-1997 and shares three grown daughters with his ex-wife: daughters Aubrey, Lara Melanie and Jennifer Belle.Since splitting from his wife, to whom he was married for 15 years, and finding romance with Rizzo, Saget has frequently taken to social media to share sweet moments from their trips and adventures together, including New York, Cabo San Lucas and Las Vegas.Saget returned to stand up and his edgy, foul-mouthed material.Saget also took on a project close to his heart, directing the 1996 television movie, , which starred Dana Delany as a woman who suffers from scleroderma, an autoimmune disease.


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