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C14 dating interpretation

To venture a guess I would say that among skeptics the dominant hypothesis is that some factor to do with the Sun is far more important than man-made CO2.

To the end that skeptics need an alternate hypothesis, I agree, and there are many working on just that.

Respondents were picked because they had authored articles with the key words ‘global warming’ and/or ‘global climate change’, covering the 1991–2011 period, via the Web of Science, or were included the climate scientist database assembled by Jim Prall, or just by a survey of peer reviewed climate science articles.

Prall’s database includes some 200 names that have criticized mainstream science and about half had only published in “gray literature”.

h/t GWPF POST NOTE: Naturally, a study of “consensus” tells us something about socio-cultural factors but nothing specifically about the climate.

[1^] Bart Strengers, Bart Verheggen and Kees Vringer (2015) Climate Science Survey, Questions and Responses, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, pp 1 – 39.

Some 6550 people were invited to participate in this survey, which took place in March and April 2012.

” The researchers acknowledge that skeptics may be slightly over-represented, “it is likely that viewpoints that run counter to the prevailing consensus are somewhat (i.e.

by a few percentage points) magnified in our results.” I say, given that skeptics get sacked, rarely get grants to research, and find it harder to get published, they are underrepresented in every way in the “certified” pool of publishing climate scientists.

, 2014, 48 (23), pp 14057–14058, DOI: 10.1021/es504574v CORRECTION: The reference was originally incorrectly cited as the older (2014) paper (now numbered 2), though it was linked to the newer paper.

The monument we see today is the result of several different construction phases with the same area having been used long before Stonehenge itself existed as testified by the adjacent Cursus and large post-holes, both dated from well before any of the acknowledged construction phases.


  1. TalkRadiocarbon dating of the. Sorry but your dubious personal interpretation of peer-reviewed. the reliability of C14 dating must obviously be judged.

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