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Talking about her personal life she is of French as well as Italian ancestry and was raised as a Southern Baptist.

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Trishelle Cannatella net worth: Trishelle Cannatella is an American reality TV contestant who has a net worth of 0 thousand dollars.I started making final tables and winning a few tournaments so I was able to get a poker sponsorship deal to be a pro for an online site.After that, I got third place in a World Poker Tournament and I've been playing ever since.Born in Cut Off, Louisiana, Trishelle Cannatella played multiple sports in high school, and attended college at the University of Southern Mississippi.She did not complete her collegiate studies, however.I just filmed a pilot in Barcelona for a poker/travel/lifestyle show with Amanda Kimmel from "Survivor." Why did you decide to finally come back to "The Challenge," and did you know the theme when you agreed to take part? From playing sports growing up to playing poker, I just thrive on competing for the chance to win. I didn't know for sure the theme, but based on who was asked, I had an idea.I was nervous because Alton and I did not keep in contact after our show except during appearances, but I knew him as a fierce competitor, so at first, I was really happy he was on my team. Well, there will be a lot of fighting--probably more fighting than any other "Challenge" I've seen. Some people I just did not like at all and I think it will be very obvious on the show.Unable to pay back her student loans, she auditioned for a show called, "Lost in the U. She was invited to audition for the "Real World: Las Vegas", based on her "Lost in the U. She was ultimately cast on the series, but her experience on the "Real World" was not particularly pleasant.She has spoken multiple times about how much alcohol was supplied to cast members, and how many of the situations were manufactured.Later on she visited her sister Buffy at The University of Southern Mississippi, later on she joined the same University but didn’t clear her university graduation level from there.Moving on to her career she has also been part of many Movies such as The Hillz, The Scorned, The Duke of Hazzard: the Beginning, 33 Griffith Lane, Ninja Cheerleaders, Melvin Smarty, The Martini Shot and many other TV shows such as The Challenge: Rivals II, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling and many more.


  1. Real World Las Vegas cast member Trishelle Cannatella, who’s not exactly known for being chaste, says she has only slept with three fellow MTV reality show cast members.

  2. Relationship dating details of Leonardo DiCaprio and Trishelle Cannatella and all the other celebrities they've hooked up with.

  3. Trishelle Cannatella, Actress Ninja Cheerleaders. Notoriously charming and beautiful, Trishelle was raised in a small, ultra-conservative town in the bayou of Louisiana.

  4. The latest Tweets from Trishelle @TrishelleC. Host, TV Personality, Poker Player. Jus one season take out dating shows. 9 replies 0 retweets 21 likes. Reply. 9.

  5. Know more about Trishelle Cannatella Wiki, Married. There were rumors of her dating Leonardo Di Caprio in the early 2000 as her boyfriend.

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