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Conceptualizing and validating a measure of student trust

-- 6 Continuation High Schools: A Descriptive Study of a Major California Dropout Prevention Program -- 7 Culture and Process in Effective School Districts -- 8 Professionalism in Teaching: Toward a Structural Theoryof Professionalism -- 9 Teacher-School Board Member Trust as a Bridge to School Effectiveness: Relationships and Organizational Structure -- 10 Conceptualizing and Validating a Measure of Student Trust.

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Evaluation of fulfillment/reliability influences e-satisfaction as well as e-trust.

Website design positively influences e-satisfaction while security/privacy has a positive effect on e-trust.

Hoy, The Ohio State University Michael Di Paola, The College of William and Mary A volume in the series: Research and Theory in Educational Administration.

Editor(s): Arnold Danzig, San Jose State University. Published 2009 Studies in School Improvement is the eighth volume in a series on research and theory in school administration dedicated to advancing our understanding of schools through empirical study and theoretical analysis. The Effects of National Origin of Applicants on Admission Decisions for a Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership: Is It a Level Playing Field?


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