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The real treat is the shorter half life, which suits my working life alot better than phenaz or diaz.*snip**snip* How do you guys compare the anxiolytic effect with that of alprazolam?Nitrous oxide is safe for your baby, so if your baby’s heart rate is being checked intermittently (off and on) rather than continuously (all the time) with a fetal monitor, that is still okay…Midwives are apparently unconcerned that nitrous crosses the placenta easily and in large amounts, producing sedation and altered consciousness in the baby.It really makes no difference to midwives whether women use “drugs” in labor to relieve pain, even if those drugs limit ability to move in labor, alter consciousness, impair memory, decrease oxygen levels, readily cross the placenta and sedate the fetus … Her book, Push Back: Guilt in the Age of Natural Parenting (Harper Collins) is available 4/5/16. I used to take 3-5mg for sleep, doses under that didnt help much but i have a benzo tolerance :) I'd just like to point out with etilaam and 0 benzo tolerance 1mg was enough to knock me into sleep. Do not whatever the fuck you do get addicted to this. there's no such thing as a safe zone unless you're a machine who can control their use as one.Anyways Ohayou, don't you feel more fucked up on alprazolam?

As soon as you pull the mask away, the effect of breathing the gas is gone within a few breaths.

I just took 0.125mg alprazolam and I feel stupid and dazed.

However I can take 1mg of etizolam and feel mellowed out.

Just a nice slow mellow pretty damn euphoric time, I think its pretty euphoric sometimes anyway.

Tolerance builds way too quickly to use this too often though, thats why im staying away from buying a lot of powder at one time.



  2. Oral administration In adults, 25 mg can be taken 3 to 4 times daily up to 150 mg; in children over 5 years old, 25 mg can be taken 2 to 3 times daily. clear difference between people given pipotiazine palmitate and those receiving oral antipsychotics. These findings are based on data of low quality. RR 2.57 0.

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