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Dating a brazilian guy

The land of the Carnivale is practically a byword for everything fun, musical, exotic and dramatic.

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Love for soccer Soccer in Brazil is much more than a sport – it is practically a religion.So when dating your Brazilian guy, don’t back away if he is leaning slightly towards you while talking.This is not only a sign of his genuine interest but if he happens you notice moving away, he may construe it as arrogance and bad manners.If you are planning to get into a relationship with your Brazilian date, you may have to learn to get along with his innumerable friends – of both sexes.Touchy-feely types If you belong to a culture where people remain in their personal spaces when interacting, you may have a tough time understanding why your Brazilian male friend or date is of the touchy-feely type.Very friendly Brazilian men are friendly and outgoing in nature.If a guy happens to spot you in a bar or café and likes what he sees, he will have no qualms in coming up and asking you for your phone number or inviting you for a drink with him.Love of music Brazil men are one of the rare breeds who will have no hesitation on heading for the dance floor.This is because music and dance are ingrained in Brazilian culture since after all this is the land of the Samba even though Brazil is equally well known for other musical genres like Zouk lambada, choro, bossa nova, frevo, maracatu, sertanejo, axé and brega.Most of the guys in Brazil move beautifully on the dance floor and have a natural sense of rhythm even when they not accomplished dancers.The country has various regional music styles influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms.


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  2. What are Brazilian Men like - Dating. Brazilian guy expects you to be a hard-core soccer fan, it does help if you can appreciate or at least understand the game.

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