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More likely, the ancient Native American Indian medicine man could alter consciousness at will.He (or she) would courageously spend days alone out on the desert or retreat into the vast wilderness without food, water or weapons.It's because of this modern shift in perspective that Shamanismedicine women of the Stone Age were probably more the rule than the exception.Large breasted and chanting a sacred chord, this little figure has an ancient surface heavy with dimples and cracks yet the overall figure is silky smooth to the touch. 4.1h; 373 gm But such drugs taken without mindfulness training and the guidance of a trusted elder will cause more confusion than clarity and bury us ever deeper into our thinking "monkey mind".The breast stone, though not the same material as the head and base, is of near identical coloration and was worked by the ancient artisan - it was cleaved across the bottom to fit nicely onto the base - but has no sharp edges, attesting to its great age.

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This sensual, semi-precious amethyst female figurine invokes a passion within, yet her placid, empty face reminds one of a calm lake.

This priceless dark green figurine has graced my meditation room bookshelf for 6 years without toppling.

This was also the first figurine that I officially catalogued in our collection.

Green olivine quartzite w green schist head, 3 parts. I feel very fortunate since your collection is really priceless!

I know that you hate to break up your collection but at least others will be able to share in some of the Ice Age history of Illinois.


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  2. Mar 23, 2015. Some Japanese men definitely have a thing for white girls from America or Europe. For them, holding hands or dating with a white girl is a “status up”. Majority of the Japanese guys who go for foreign girls have zero intention to marry that girl or even date girl. They just wanna a unique experience and.

  3. Feb 26, 2014. Some girls seem to figure out Japanese guys well. 'If you are a western girl living in Japan and interested in dating a Japanese guy, my advice would be GENTLY make the first move. Don't be overly assertive', writes a 25-year-old American girl who has been married to a Japanese man for five years.

  4. TIP This website has many Japanese millionaire men looking for women to date. Part of a formal culture. In Japanese culture, formality and ritual signs of respect are more highly valued as compared to the American social context. Thus you may find your male Japanese friend behaving with some formality even in social or.

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