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Dating compatibility by names

With a broader range of experience and acceptance, more types of opportunities are likely be recognized.What's best generally is what a person was born with. It's likely what a person is born with also supports the person's agenda or purpose in this life.Some people's two most important numerology chart numbers are compatible with each other. The two most important numbers are the name number and the birth date number. However, the name and birth date numbers are the framework within which the other numerology numbers resonate.As strange as it may seem, the more compatible the name and birth date numbers, the less variety of experiences.Opportunities tend to be limited to the resonance created by the compatible numbers.Contrarily, the more dissonance between the name and birth numbers, the more likely the person is to have a broad variety of experience and learning.

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The more secure a website or internet connection is, the less freedom of movement you have.

Little, if any, blending is accomplished with the dissonance of the numbers 4 and 5.

Security and expression of personal freedom just don't mix. Dissonance of the two most important numerology numbers, the name number and the birth date number, has a tremendous influence on a person's life experience.

As an example, the value of teamwork (a number 2 aspect) may be recognized and accepted as valuable by the 4 vibration, which makes it more likely to be accepted by the 5.

From that point on, both primary urges recognize teamwork as a acceptable vibration.


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