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As he sat in the police car after his arrest, Venables hinted at fears for his relationship. I’ve let people down again.” By Deidre Sanders, The Sun's Agony Aunt IT is hard to understand why any woman would stand by Venables.

But some are attracted to notorious criminals, like those writing to cons on Death Row.

She was also home when cops found nearly 1,200 abuse images on a hidden laptop last November.

Yet sources say rather than ditching Venables after he was jailed for 40 months, she intends to visit her man in prison.

Jewish law requires people who are dating seriously for marriage to disclose medical or emotional conditions, even if they are well-managed with medication or lifestyle, as well as serious illnesses and conditions that occurred in the past.

A prospective spouse should also be told about significant current and past circumstances that may have an effect on their future marriage, such as ongoing child custody and visitation arrangements, child support or alimony requirements, debts and other financial obligations, a bankruptcy, a criminal conviction, past marriages, broken engagements, and difficult intra-family relationships.

Denise Fergus, Bulger's mother, and her husband Stuart, right, were at the Old Bailey earlier this month when Venables was sentenced to 40 months in jail for possessing indecent images of children It is not known if she knew of his past when asked to move in.

Venables also downloaded a 20-page so-called paedophile’s handbook and later admitted to using the dark web “for quite some time”.Women gain weight during pregnancy and it worries me that this might trigger new eating problems. I know that life isn't perfect, and I always say, "Don't worry until you have to." Here I am, going against my own advice. Making a leap of faith doesn't mean that a couple jumps blindly into their future and hopes that all will turn out all right.Each party has to be aware of circumstances that are likely to impact day to day married life, so that s/he can make an informed decision about marriage.Dear Rosie & Sherry, My son is engaged to a lovely, educated young woman.She comes from a good family and is a psychologist. I treat her like a daughter and she loves me as a second mom.The woman does not have kids but is thought to have primary-age relatives.There is no suggestion Venables had unsupervised contact with them.JON Venables has a secret girlfriend who knows he murdered James Bulger and has convictions over child abuse images.Officials warned the woman of the monster’s evil past as their relationship got serious — but she stood by him.They are said to have asked Venables to disclose his real name and past to his partner as the relationship became long term.He is understood to have come clean about how he and pal Robert Thompson abducted, tortured and murdered two-year-old James in Liverpool in 1993.


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