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Dating guide for gta san andreas

She likes her men like her co-workers: pigs, nice and fat, but don't come without some sex appeal and nice attire, she might eat you. When you get 100% progress with her you get to keep your weapons when you get busted and you unlock the Medic suit into your wardrobe, and possibly a police suit.

Katie Zhan She's a nurse who can be found practicing Thai Chi at the edge of the golf course in the Avispa country club in san Fierro.

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but when you get her to 100% denise gives you a gift, not sure if it happens for the other girls...you get the keys to their rare cars My experiance with Denise is that she seems to like going to the Ten Bottles bar the best.

She likes her men big and muscular with lots of sex appeal. Achieve 100% with her and you get to keep your weapons after getting wasted and you unlock the Medic suit in your wardrobe.

Millie Perkins She works at Caligula's Palace (Casino) in Las Venturas.

------------------------------------------------------------I have only gone on like 3 dates with Denise, and she likes doing drive-by's, and is down with any place you go to (bar, fast food, club, etc...).

But the game tells you everything you need to know when you start the date, so dont' worry.


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