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Not with anyone in particular, I just have frequent urges to just get in a fight with someone... I have not told anyone about this as I know no one would understand. But I am really close to just go out to a random bar and just pick a fight with another woman. I still think about you alot, I guess that is because of all the good times we spent together.stolen car I stole a car that was a friend of mines mothers while they watch me do it. We left the car after we had some fun with it and it took about 2 weeks before the cops found it. " you know I still Love you, but I don't want you anymore. The one little part of me that wants you back is for you to help me.i fell for her..i cant be with her because my friends dont approve. I abused my housekeeper for 3 years I would torture my housekeep kick her, smack her, dump water on her, stop her from eating, make her life a hell and work her to death. Our second child, a girl is due any day now, and I'm still unhappy about having another child. I'm trying to get excited about her, but I keep feeling like my life is going to be over. I Cheated On Him I loved my boyfriend very much, but he didn't treat me right.After 4 years she almost got away so I reported her to immigration and she was deported back to Bolivia..................................... I haven't told me husband, but I've thought about giveing her up for adoption. I was introduced to his best friend after he moved back into town, and we really hit it off.

I hope she has had a good life & I'm terribly sorry for my behavior.

They didn't see me enough to know who I was but they watch as someone drove away with thier car. Help me with the mess you made before you left and the mess you made worse after you left.

I want to get things in my life back together with your help it could be done so easily. I know you feel guilty for what you have done and no one can change that.

Although, when I realised I loved him, I got back together with him almost straight away. But before I could do that, his best friend ended it with me after somebody found out.

He never spoke to me again, and my boyfriend dumped me.


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