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Dating royal copenhagen plates

He was infatuated with the thin and fine porcelain he had come across when travelling in Europe - Meissen, Germany mostly.Frantz Heinrich Müller experimented with the manufacture of porcelain after returning from his travels - and succeeded.The Royal Copenhagen employees had received education from a French painter specializing in this art form. The old privileges and monopolies were dissolved and Royal Copenhagen was on its own. The first female "bluepainter" was hired at The Royal Porcelain Factory in 1868.Ín the following period several items with motifs of for example Amalienborg Palace, The Round Tower and Rosenborg Castle were introduced. Royal Copenhagen participated in its first official exhibition in London: The Crystal Palace World Exhibition in 1851 - the factory still under the artistic leadership of G. So far this job had exclusively been handled by men.There was shortage on most things including raw-materials for the porcelain production.

The set was based on the national botanical works of the same name, publised from 1762.Naturalistic flowers in fresh colours as well as medallions in black or gray with typical motifs.Almost all figurines produced at the factory in those days were copies. The prices shown are based on delivery in the selected delivery area excl. (You find freight cost, by adding the item to the basket.- After stating you address, the system will show you freight opportunities and the related freight cost) When EU is selected as delivery area all prices are incl. If Other countries is selected as delivery area, VAT is not included in the prices shown.Not untill 1780 had the factory "gathered" enough articles to open up the shop that had been planned from the beginning.A shop was opened on the first floor in Koebmagergade.Progress in artistic development and innovation picked up in 1816. He advocated for "The Pure Style" and had studied the arts and the idiom of the Antiquity in Rome.Thanks to him Royal Copenhagen started the production of the much coveted bisquit-figurines, giving the factory a badly needed financial improvement."Danish Porcelain Factory" opened with King Christian 7. The factory was situated in an old mail court in Koebmagergade, Copenhagen.Right from the beginning the factory had serious problems.


  1. Marking system of Aluminia Faience Royal Copenhagen. Dating Royal Copenhagen. mark used for Albert plates "Kronprinds" 1868-1901 Aluminia.

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