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They too are altered to appear as that perfectly shaped beautiful woman.

So my internet users do not be fooled by these images we see online. I think we should embrace our natural state because we are all beautiful in our own way.

People with high self-esteem are those who think great things of them selves as oppose to someone with low self-esteem who thinks little of themselves.

Peoples self-esteem are affected everyday from social media.

This form of communication is for the mere purpose of clarifying ideas or analysing situations that occur in the external world.

Interpersonal communication is associated with many aspects of the self.

♦Self worth & self concept: these are the beliefs you hold of yourself due to the perception of others.

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♦Self-image: The effects social media has on our body image is so prominent these days.

It has changed the way we interact both interpersonal (with others) and intra personally (with ourselves). An intrapersonal relationship is an individual’s internal use of language or thought.

This form of communicating contains a sender, a receiver and a feedback loop.

All these aspects of intrapersonal communication are being affected by the constant use of social media. ♦ Self esteem can be described as a person’s overall view of themselves.

Self esteem involves a variety of beliefs about the self such as ones view of their physical appearance, beliefs, emotions, values and belonging.


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