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Climb all 659 steps to the top for the best views in Colombia!’ town of Salento is located in the middle of Colombia’s famous Coffee Triangle; consisting of the regions Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda.I find this irritating, as the babysitter and baby take up some of the limited space we have in the room.Plus, all of the silly noises and voices make it difficult to have a conversation with someone else in such a small space.Set amongst the mountains, the climate is cool and refreshing with local restaurants serving up hot soups and, of course, coffee to battle the soft chill.Local coffee farmers, known as ’; a typical, traditional hat worn by Colombian farmers.She sometimes lets him sit on the table or touch things, or will ask people if they want to hold him.

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But it’s still helpful to recognize when it’s happening.) But four or five times in the space of … It’s crossing over into clear “too much” territory, as well as self-centered parent territory, and I think it’s understandable to be annoyed.If it continues to happen or increases in frequency, I think you’d be in a stronger position to say something.Even then, though, you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to deal with the potential tension it’s likely to cause with your coworker, and possibly with anyone else who doesn’t mind the baby there and can’t understand why someone else might.These aren’t the standard, brief “bring my baby in to meet my coworkers for a few minutes” type of events.She will bring her baby into the break room to sit in her lap or on the table while she eats lunch for a good 20 to 30 minutes each time this happens.Set against a lake, it is the perfect place to spend the weekend away from the bigger cities.A short drive outside of Guatape is El Peñol, a gigantic rock mysteriously placed in the center of a sprawling piece of land dotted with several lakes.But four or five times may not be enough to make it worth speaking up about it.I mean, in my opinion, a single lunch filled with the sounds of an adult speaking baby talk is too much, but I’m balancing that against the pain-in-the-ass factor of taking this on.Spend a few days exploring the coffee region, taking day trips to the beautiful Valle del Cocora, the fun Coffee Park, or one of several other towns within the coffee triangle.Hard to get to, but totally worth it, Cabo de la Vela is like nowhere else in Colombia.


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