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Seriously, I firmly believe the following factors trump race in most place and most cases: 1. In Phils, 5'9" is getting tall for a man, in NE Asia, its more like 6'. And dare I say, blacks are reputed to have bigger dicks. There are distinctions to be made between all these different degrees of interest in black men. The ones I saw in Beijing were involved in similar activities.

Facial appearance: what's considered very handsome face does not really vary so much from country to country. In Europe and North America, 6'2" to 6'3" is a cool height. Build: slim, well muscled, proportionally long legs, low body fat percentage. In addition to these factors, black man's sexual market value is enhanced by global media. I spotted a super hot black girl walking alone in Bangkok once (claimed she was from South Africa but might have been Nigerian).

Our Message: You Can Solve Your Problems & Change Your Life by Escaping America for a Better Life and Love Overseas!A country like Thailand are used to seeing white men, but when a black guy like me visits, it is a different ball game. Many of these women have only seen black men on television and not in real life so you are like this new species coming on their land.For f**k's sake, Scandanavia is NOT part of Eastern Europe!I would have been very happy to just pay her as a working girl if that's what she was. If I could just pay to have the trunk released, he wanted his sister and I to take the money and live happily ever after in my country. Of course its always better to be from a rich country and its easy to fool non-English speaking Asians in the short term.But alas, she had to go somewhere and just gave me her number. One girl I know in Taiwan dated a black guy for several months.There are more countries to name, but these are the best ones.Black men do not travel as much as whites or Asians so you will be more exotic to other women from other countries. I have done years of research, talking to other black men and local men from each countries above and these countries love black men.Winston, this is one of the reasons why I am on this site. I am going by my experience talking to women from these countries myself and black men that have told me about their success. Denmark and Sweden in particular are the best choices for black men.Black men want to live abroad too and I wanted to share a black male's perspective. Black men get treated differently than whites and Asian men."It is astonishing how easily the allies of Great Britain follow it blindly contrary to the norms of civilised bilateral dialogue and international relations, and against ... Foreign Minister Julie Bishop had earlier said she expected that Russia would retaliate."Russia hasn't announced it but the Russian ambassador has indicated that they are considering what options they will take," Ms Bishop told the show.


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