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Gemma bissix dating

This culminates in Sarah holding Sonia and Martin hostage and stabbing Martin, until Sonia knocks her unconscious.

Sonia and Martin face further upset when they discover that their daughter's adoptive parents have died in a car crash.

Bianca notices Sonia has continuously avoided talking about Martin and Rebecca.

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During her childhood, she becomes close friends with Clare Tyler (Gemma Bissix) and the two are inseparable until Clare falls in with the wrong crowd at school and starts bullying Sonia but they reconcile before Clare leaves in 1998.They visit Rebecca's (Jade Sharif) guardian, Margaret Wilson (Janet Amsden), hiding their true identity but when Margaret realises who they are, she asks them to leave.Pauline also interferes and visits Rebecca with Martin.Martin is frantic, but days later Sonia returns and she is arrested on a murder charge; however, that night Dot uncovers the identity of Pauline's real murderer — Pauline's husband Joe Macer (Ray Brooks), who had argued with Pauline on Christmas Day and struck her over the head, causing her death.Sonia is released and decides to leave Walford for Manchester.Margaret decides to make the Fowlers' Rebecca's legal guardians but does not include Sonia when she finds out about her lesbian fling.Margaret dies and Martin takes custody of Rebecca and Pauline tries to stop Sonia having any contact with Rebecca.Sonia has sex with Martin Fowler (James Alexandrou) but starts dating Jamie Mitchell (Jack Ryder).Not knowing she is pregnant, Sonia goes into labour and gives birth to Martin's daughter.Despite pleas from Rebecca's adoptive parents, it is Sonia's step-grandmother, Dot Cotton (June Brown), that persuades Sonia to return the baby.Sonia and Jamie get engaged, but due to Jamie's fling with Zoe Slater (Michelle Ryan) and constant rowing, the relationship ends.


  1. Gemma was born 6 June 1983 and is the oldest of five children. 2. Most people will remember her as scheming Clare Bates in EastEnders, but Clare also.

  2. Gemma Bissix is heading to Southport, starring in a brand-new production of “Mum’s The Word 2”. One of the nation’s favourites, Mum’s The Word.

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