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4) Johnson natural gas forge furnance 122B 5) 3 south bend lathes 6) Lincon idealarc 300 AC/DC welder. 8) Large punch press with cutter 9) 2 Large drill presses with drawers full of bits 10) Hand crank forge blower motor.We also have several other welders, a large band saw, a milling machine that I think is a Browne & Sharpe 1 1/2 with several cutting tools and other machine shop equipment.It is made of 14-ga steel and I added a blower on the side to increase the draft up the chimney before it gets hot enough to work on its own. Jeff and Alan Lee of Sleepy Hollow Forgeworks in Bryan have high quality Chevron Quench Oil 70 for sale in 1 or 5 gallon quantity at /gal. NC Tool Whisper Baby Gas forge includes the gas line and regulator.Give thm a call at 979-776-2864 or see them at a HABA meeting. It was just relined with ITC refractories including coating with ITC 100 for improved heat transfer. Coal Forge made with a fire box from the foundry in Laurel, MS the forge is shop made with an electric fan that came from an old carbon arc movie projector and it has an air gate to regulate flow. I also have a fiberglass box with 50-100-lbs of coal for sale too. The anvil is in Rockport Texas and can include some old shoeing tools (some I made) and wooden shoing box that was made by shoer in So.

This is one of the ABANA designed chimneys and it works real well.

As well as some ball pein hammers and tongs I still have to go through.

0 I'll have more and more items as i go through the boxes and crates in the shop, I know I have loads of scrap metal and cables I've been hoarding to make knives out of.

The cone mandrel is a large cone 200 lbs dont know the true weight . I have this very cool antique forge, with a pretty nice functional Royal (Canedy OTTO Mfg Co Chicago Heights, Ill USA) hand blower.

Cone mandrel 0.00==Sold=== The cone is 55" 1/2 tall with a base of 14"1/2 tapering 1" with the wall of cone at 9/16" to 3/4" . The fire bed is poured in a metal surround (rusted through on one side) from some sort of conglomerate like concrete and it’s all mounted on basically a small steel wheel wagon, there are some wooden pieces rotted away on the front axle where a big T handle mounted to turn and push/pull the rig, but could be rebuilt to make it more functional again. I have a coal forge with electric fan and anvil for sale.


  1. This old Record No 6 dates from the mid 60's so it is as old as I am, and in decent shape. While there are many decent US made. I have a Hay Budden anvil when I need to beat upon metal so this little vise will not be abused, and will serve me well for many years. It is on the way back to PEI on Sunday.

  2. Fast movie processor" is good just for adding a few avi's together. Is there any way to find out more about this anvil such as Date of manufacture, Quality, and company name, etc. The new book on anvils is too. I found this in a list of anvils made by Hay-Budden under private labels in the Anvil Book. You have one of.

  3. A website for blacksmiths by blacksmiths. offers person involved in and interested in the tradition and art of Blacksmithing an opportunity to learn, teach, interact and socialize with others with similar interests. Step by step tutorials. Buy and sell anvils, forges, and other items related to blacksmithing.

  4. HAY BUDDEN FARRIER BLACKSMITH ANVIL Forge Iron NO RESERVE - $1276.00. This anvil was made in Brooklyn, New York by the Hay Budden Manufacturing Co. It's a Farrier's. Money-back Guarantee You have 14 days from the date you receive your item to contact us and ship back the item you have purchased.

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