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How to start dating your best friend

Strive to make time for your friend even with your new relationship commitments.

No, you’re not dating your friend, but self-defensive instant Siberia on your end is not being a good friend to them, either.

Second, three years of close, opposite-sex friendship has created a context that will require very careful navigation.

Trust me, there already is a relationship, and something significant is about to happen to it.

But you’ve spent many hours with your friends on a regular basis sharing jokes, thoughts, feelings and activities, and now that you’re immersed in the honeymoon-level depths of a new relationship, you’re doing all of that with someone else.

Also, if your friend is single, fear of where his or her life is headed might come into play for them, too.

Online Dating has become one of the easiest ways to connect with singles and meet new possible partners or even potential friends.

Facing the vast choice of available Dating websites is not always an easy task…

We already hang out either with a group or alone pretty often. And how do I find out how she feels without making it awkward?

It’s perfectly normal, and we might be surprised if after three years it didn’t happen. Blessings, JOHN THOMAS If you’ve enjoyed this article, will you consider giving a tax-deductible gift to Boundless right now?

We’re a donor-funded ministry, and we rely on friends like you to help keep us going!

A less than optimal response, on the other hand, includes everything from snide comments and cold shoulders to hearing third-party, rumor-mill gossip that, ironically, may even accuse you of being a “bad friend”-and you thought you were just falling in love! At the time you friend’s behavior can seem ridiculous to you, and in some cases, you’re absolutely right-it is.

But keep in mind that damaging a close friendship over a new romantic relationship is never worth it.


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