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They are skilled “people readers” and make it their task to understand someone’s flaws to determine what techniques can be used against them.Some even go a step further and mask their bullying behind a charming and nice demeanor and even a noble cause.These subtle signs are all used to create an emotional reaction, usually anxiety, which establishes greater control and power over the victim.

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On my recent visit, the 13-year-old asked if I'd brought the journal with me because he had new info. Something else I do to stay involved: I have my daughters e-mail me the spelling test for the week.

Bullying often goes unnoticed in the workplace because it is a slow process of emotional and psychological manipulation that is hard to prove and detect. Technically, bullying is not considered harassment, so legally, people can get away with doing it in the workplace if a policy isn’t in place.

Here are twenty (20) signs of bullying at work that you may be missing, but when a pattern emerges of multiple behaviors over a long period of time, can be a classic bullying situation.

"; "Let's see here, I think those notes are somewhere ...

"; or just generally haven't made up their minds about what they need. -- Anonymous On being a long-distance grandma/grandpa/auntie/uncle without growing estranged: My way of keeping a close relationship with my five grandkids is to have a journal for each child.


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