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Late night love dating

He had just spent the last three hours wondering if something awful had happened to his wife.

Now that she was home and knew that the only reason that she hadn't come home on time was because she was having to much fun, he was going to bed before he said or did something that he regretted.

and vehemently denied the sexual misconduct allegations that were recently brought against him on Twitter.

Franco essentially repeated this entire appearance, only this time, he sat down and discussed the controversy on Seth Meyers' .

He looked furious, but the only thing he said was “Are you okay?

” Katie mumbled out a “Yes sir I am sorry for being late, but the party was just so much fun.” Trever wasn't interested in how much fun the party had been.

He’s texting you at dodgy times because it’s convenient for him.

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The conversation took a darker turn when a few women spoke out and accused the A-lister of being sexually inappropriate with them. The ones I read were not accurate, but one of the things that I've learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had.

You might feel flattered when your crush texts you “Hey, gorgeous” or asks if you’re still awake and want to hang out late at night, but if this sort of contact is a habit, he’s got a hidden agenda.

If you were a priority, he’d get a hold of you at other times.

If you’ve grown to expect texts in the early hours, you have to wonder why he’s only making contact at those times. Although it’s a romantic idea to think he couldn’t sleep because he was swarmed with thoughts of you, it’s more than likely a sexual thing. If he’s sending texts really late, he probably tried to score with someone during his night out who dissed him and then this made him try his other options once he got home: texting women he thought would be keen to hook up or sext him. If his texts are really hectic, they make you feel uncomfortable but also used.

And, if he’s that comfortable with sending you such texts, it’s probably because he’s done it with other people before you. Dating pools have become bigger, both in real life and via text, so chances are he’s working both. Come on — if he can be that comfortable with being so sexual with you, he’s obviously doing this stuff all the time. Sometimes late-at-night texters will come in and out of your life.


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