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Love in church dating is it ok to be dating my cousin

Oates was among more than 45 people who shared how he met his spouse after the United Methodist News Service Facebook page last year asked about couples who met through United Methodist ministries.

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Yet, those who are from the same faith tradition and especially the same congregation have an advantage of having common relationships and a common language about faith." No matter how a couple meets, she said, The United Methodist Church offers resources to help marriages grow.

Among those who responded to the UMNS Facebook question were people who met their spouses at United Methodist youth gatherings, campus ministries, seminaries and even annual (regional) conference sessions. Anna Crews Camphouse, pastor of Walnut United Methodist Church in Walnut, Calif., met her husband, David, at a California-Pacific Annual Conference session.

The two were young, single clergy who initially bonded over shared Alabama roots.

They later reconnected at the Junaluska Jurisdictional Assembly in North Carolina.

"Our shared values were greatly influenced by small-group sessions and worship experiences at these camps," Susan Ramer said.


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