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They also contend that Christians who predated Islam used the word “Allah” to refer to “God”.

In many regards, their argument is valid and factually correct.

For example, the English bible does not use the term “Allah”.This leads one to believe that Arabs using the word “Allah” is more of a linguistic issue than one based on theology.Many blasphemous statements by many Christians (especially by non-Arab Christians) over the past few years using the word “Allah” clearly demonstrates that their use of the word “Allah” is only linguistic – not the same case as Muslims who treat the word “Allah” with great respect for obvious reasons – the term “Allah” is used in the Quran – Arabic or otherwise.The Persian bible uses the word “Khuda” in their texts.However, Malaysians in the case cited earlier may be an exception to that rule as they have insisted on the use of the word “Allah”.It seems that the ban in Malaysia was placed 20 years ago but was never enforced until a few days ago.Malay Christians argue that the word “Allah” predates the time of Prophet Muhammad and thus predates Islam.I'm sorry, but I don't want to see an heir to the throne doing groin thrusts." - Rev Kate "Must remember that when I next go to the Co-op." - Steph As the men perform their stripping routine on stage "Bottoms!" - Leon "We don't really have these [working men's clubs] down here do we?These are some of our favourite quotes of the new series so far."He's an advert for toothpaste now that Gregg Wallace." - June "He's getting paid for nothing." - Leon "I would empty my pan over his [Wallace's] head if I was there." - Leon When the winner Ping downs a glass of champagne "Ow, I like Ping even more now." - George BBC News, on the sexist emails sent by Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore: A comment comes from Minister of Fun David Mellor "Oh shut up Mellor, like you've ever stood up for women, you philanderer." - Rev Kate "I'm not being disrespectful to women but they can't play football as good as men." - Pete "Well, you see that's being racist." - Linda On The Full Monty As they show the iconic dance routine scene in the dole office "It's quite basic the routine, we could do that." - Stephen "Do you remember when Prince Charles re-enacted this bit when he visited where it was filmed?


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