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Their anti-statist individualism and their scientifically oriented rationalism were passed on to Herbert Spencer.Spencer himself points to the possible Hussite and Hugenot origins of family as a partial explanation of his own individualism and disregard for authority.The second is Spencer's most famous systemic treatise in this area, Social Statics (1851).The Man Versus The State (1884), which is the centerpiece of this volume, is the third major political work.And he often recounts how his belief in a universe entirely governed by natural causal law grew out of his father's scientific interests and curiosity about the causes of natural phenomena.Spencer's education was almost entirely in the hands of his father and, later, his uncles William and Thomas.

Two editions have circulated in the United States in the last forty years.In November 1837, just after Victoria ascended to the throne, Spencer joined the engineering staff of the London and Birmingham Railway.Until 1841 and again from 1845 through 1848, working for a number of different firms, Spencer participated in the great expansive phase of railway construction.Herbert Spencer produced four major works in political philosophy plus numerous additional and important essays.The first of these works, The Proper Sphere of Government (1842) is the least well-known.This Liberty Fund edition contains the entire text of the 1892 edition.The Man Versus The State was maintained in print for many years in various editions.The Man Versus The State by Herbert Spencer was originally published in 1884 by Williams and Norgate, London and Edinburgh.The book consisted of four articles which had been published in Contemporary Review for February, April, May, June, and July of 1884.When Spencer was in his teens his uncle Thomas sought to broaden his education with classics, languages and history.But his rebellious nephew proved to be relatively immune to such useless and dogmatic pastimes.


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  2. Significant Person. Architect/Builder. ____N/A________________________. __________Unknown. State significance of property, and justify criteria, criteria considerations, and areas and periods of significance noted above. The Spencer Rock House is significant historically because of its association with the Wood Live.

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