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Mentally challenged dating sites

He neglects to mention he posted several times about scammers and Nigeria long before the lawsuit was filed. At about Grant says he said he got 10% of all the money that was scammed and obviously that can’t be. I could have sworn at the beginning of this video Grant told us that he doesn’t lie and tells the truth.

At about 21 minutes in Grant wonders why any scammer in Nigeria would send Grant money. As we have discussed often on our radio show, Davin’s Den, Grant and Avalos are easy to find.

وأفردت الصحيفة، الصفحة الأولى لخطاب “الحوثي”، تماما كما يحدث في بقية المؤسسات الإعلامية التي صارت تحت سيطرة الجماعة، حيث تحولت إلى منابر لزعيم الجماعة، وفي مقدمتها التلفزيون الرسمي والإذاعة، وكذا وكالة أنباء سبأ الرسمية.A victim may want proof that they are talking to the real Avalos. If a scammer thinks the victim has a lot of money they may deem it worthwhile to reach out to Avalos and Grant and work with them to get the customized video or picture.As we have shown in this document both Avalos and Grant were friends with scammers. Most of us do not count scammers among our friends.They also sent me pictures of you in the water with a group of children. Especially now that they are using kids to help create their stories.Sincerely, Davin Davin’s Den discusses an interview featuring Yuliana Avalos on ABC’s 20/20 which originally aired on June 24, 2011.حولت جماعة الحوثي المؤسسات الإعلامية الوطنية، إلى منابر طائفية تواصل من خلالها تصدير خطاب الكراهية والتحريض، وهو ما يؤكد خطر بقائها في السلطة في صنعاء وبقية المحافظات الخاضعة لسيطرتها.الحوثيون، استولوا على جميع المؤسسات والصحف الحكومية، وحولوها من مؤسسات تهتم بالشأن العام، إلى منابر لنشر ثقافتهم الطائفية، المليئة بالكراهية والحقد على الآخر، بعد أن نجحت في إسكات كل الأصوات المعارضة لها.At about in Grant says the lawsuit was cancelled because of his statements. Glad he admits it, because the main stream media wasn’t reporting the truth but we were.Also, didn’t the lawyer, Spencer say Avalos didn’t want the attention the lawsuit was bringing?If they were living well at the time, American tax dollars and scam victims were footing the bill.At about Grant mentions how the lawyer, Evan Spencer was spending his own money to get the media involved.


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