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Nifskope updating a nif version

You will need to copy these to your Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/ directory, and allow any overwrites.

You also may need to copy these elsewhere if you use a standalone race/follower mod, so consult that mod's description/readme.

Note that NMM/MO aren't perfect and may not install all of the files, especially This means the driver of the graphics chip used doesn't support the version of Open GL that's required.

Make sure to update all of your graphics drivers (manually).

Sometimes, Outfit Studio does not apply any weights to some vertices because they are too far off from the reference shape.

It should tell you about it in a warning when attempting to save a project or export a mesh.

If you don't want an underwear body to overwrite your nude one, don't have it selected.

You may not reupload the entire mod or all possible body variations, especially not without permission!The program itself and its source code are however licensed under the GPLv3 .No file contained in the archives available on this page are to be sold for monetary gain anywhere.If you create an outfit conversion or any other edit of someone else's work, you MUST follow THEIR permissions/requirements before sharing with others. Special Note 2: Included with permission in Body Slide is the XPMSSE skeleton by Groovtama.This is used as a data reference and is not included in files built with Body Slide.Since each body is different, each pair of body types requires its own conversion slider.Several conversion sets have been made already, but since we have limited time, not all possible body types have been addressed.Creating a conversion set is fairly easy, and in many cases doesn't require mesh editing.Look for tutorials on this topic for more information. Primarily, the flexibility of the CBBE body with the large number of customization sliders makes it possible to match most body shapes without mesh editing.Outfits including the CBBE body or making use of CBBE/UUNP sliders are not to be sold.Special Note: These permissions only apply to the files that come with Body Slide itself.


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