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Observablecollection listbox not updating

As you will learn in this article, you need just a bit of extra work for this to happen, but fortunately, WPF makes this pretty easy.There are two different scenarios that you may or may not want to handle when dealing with data source changes: Changes to the list of items and changes in the bound properties in each of the data objects.The keys are compared by using a comparer and each group's elements are projected by using a specified function.(Defined by Enumerable.)Overloaded.Groups the elements of a sequence according to a specified key selector function and creates a result value from each group and its key.

The index of each source element is used in the intermediate projected form of that element.(Defined by Enumerable.)Overloaded.Now if I change selected item in any of the listbox it will automatically change selection in other listbox if the Is Synchronized With Current Item property is set to true in both Listbox. The item is deleted from the collection but the List View is not reflecting it.How to handle them may vary, depending on what you're doing and what you're looking to accomplish, but WPF comes with two very easy solutions that you can use: The Observable Collection and the INotify Property Changed interface.The following example will show you why we need these two things: Try running it for yourself and watch how even though you add something to the list or change the name of one of the users, nothing in the UI is updated.However, to set up dynamic bindings so that insertions or deletions in the collection update the UI automatically, the collection must implement the INotify Collection Changed interface.This interface exposes the Collection Changed event, an event that should be raised whenever the underlying collection changes. If you have an advanced scenario and want to implement your own collection, consider using IList, which provides a non-generic collection of objects that can be individually accessed by index.First I bound Item Source property in XAML than i set Display Member Path to First Name it means Listbox should display only values of First Name property available in Collection.In Code behind, i created one class called People and created one Observable Collection of People class.The problem is that none of the buttons seems to work. The first step is to get the UI to respond to changes in the list source (Items Source), like when we add or delete a user.What we need is a list that notifies any destinations of changes to its content, and fortunately, WPF provides a type of list that will do just that.


  1. Updating an ObservableCollection. the ListBox control will be the binding target. it will not notify the database to the magic database updating work.

  2. For example, a common scenario in data binding is to use an ItemsControl such as a ListBox, ListView. WPF provides the ObservableCollection T class.

  3. Does the ListView control not listen for changes. ListView binding to ObservableCollection does not. I solved the updating problem by explicitly resetting.

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