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Until 2010 the Hinrichsen Foundation was the beneficial shareholder of Peters Edition Limited, London.Since the amalgamation of the post-war branches of Edition Peters in 2011, the Hinrichsen Foundation has been a major shareholder in the company, and its income derives from the company’s profits. The de Broglie hypothesis, formulated in 1, predicts that particles should also behave as waves. It illustrates key features of quantum mechanics: interference and the particle-wave duality of matter.

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In the afternoon breakout session, James Radner, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto presented “Frontiers of Innovation: A Case Study in Using Developmental Evaluation to Improve Outcomes for Vulnerable Children.” (Video and Slides).

One of the findings that I found most interesting was that while the evaluators were looking at the overall program design, that reflection and reflective practice was “fractal” and became a part of the culture for all stakeholders.

That learning and pivoting was embedded in the strategy.

Although there have been one or two obstacles along the way, MURAL has been a courageous project to consider, plan and execute.

Of course, none of this could have been achieved without the support and backing from the Hinrichsen Foundation, which we very much appreciate.


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