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Ordinary dating

An advertising budget method in which advertising expenditures are determined on the basis of a specific audit of the resources needed to achieve the specific objectives and tasks outlined in the advertiser's media plan.

The act or process of a product's becoming out-of-date, discarded, no longer in use.

Operating margin is the ratio of operating income divided by net sales, usually presented in percent. A belief or emotionally neutral cognition the individual holds about some aspect or object in the environment.

Those things he/she "knows" to be true have been defined as knowledge and those things he/she "thinks" are true or he/she is "pretty sure are true" are defined as opinions.

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Listings on SERPs that were not paid for; listings for which search engines do not sell space.

Sites appear in organic (also called "natural") results because a search engine has applied formulas (algorithms) to its search crawler index, combined with editorial decisions and content weighting, that it deems important enough inclusion without payment.

The rejection is for some reason other than being worn out or inoperable.

It may apply to an individual item or to all of the items in a given class or group.


  1. Mar 04, 2015 The recent rejects were told in a ruthless email to “try their luck” on a dating site for “ordinary people.”. Ready for the Daily News in real time?

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