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Personals firefighter dating

He was very sweet and loving (beautiful body and smile). Unfortunately, on our third date he told me he was in love with me and was leaving his wife. Finally we got in bed together and I found out the problem. He was sure I was going to reject him, it had happened before. Well, this guy didn't look like a Meloni or a Franz. I'd seen him out at the bars a couple of times, always in a small group. We never met until once when the company I worked for got broken into, and he was sent to investigate. I gave my report and he didn't say anything at the time, but the next time I saw him out, he came over to chat. Seemed like a nice guy so I asked him if he wanted to grab something to eat.

He had an incredibly small dick and was ashamed of it. My partner is a fireman and EMT He is not closeted. His job is helping save property and lives, mine is profit margins and endless meetings. We wound up back at my place and he proceeded to fuck me into oblivion.

Hopefully he protected himself while serving his partner! I can't believe the guy that thought these were all made-up! Picked me up outside a club Cape Cod,fucked me on a blanket on the beach at 2am. Also blew him a few years later at the South Station cinema. His dick was small and unattractive,and he wanted me to fuck him. I laughed it off as a joke, but I knew he meant it. A few years back, I met a guy on AOL (I know) who would come over from NJ (I live in NYC).

When I first moved to the big city, while changing in the Y locker room a super-buff guy I'd noticed before came up to me and dropped his number into my locker saying something like "hope I'm not being out of line..."Horn-dog that I was, I called him the next day and went over to his place where he fucked me senseless with, yes - his XL dick. The policemen(mossos d'esquadro) and fireman(bomberos) here in Barcelona are the most gorgeous we have ever seen anywhere anytime, just incredibly hot perfection. He took HOURS to get to me, not just because he lived about 50 miles out, but because he'd chicken out and turn around, only to screw up the courage and drive in. Every time he came over, I'd ask him how he was, and he'd always give the same answer: "You know, same shit, different day." I saw a picture of his girlfriend on his phone - pretty.

Over the next few months, he'd come over a couple of times a week and put me through my paces. Then, one day, I was at the mall and I see him walking toward me. I see him see me and they suddenly do an about face and leave. when I was 17 and in high school I had this incredible hot soccer coach with a round soccer player ass. They work two 9-6 shifts in a row, day off, two 6-9 shifts in a row (on those days they are off from 9-6), day off, and so on... he sort of looked like Michael Holmes, the Australian CNN anchor, but more massive physically.

I wonder what he told her about why they had to leave so suddenly. I saw him once more at a bar, with his same little group, but we never spoke again. He was so off the charts hot and masculine, probably 24 or so I would guess. So it ends up cycling forward if that makes any sense. He was of Swedish or Norwegian background - like me. After I had been out with him a few times my friends started grilling me about my experience with him, whether we had done it yet or not. I had a friend who lived in NJ and every year he would have this massive bar-b-que.

I was taken aback at first, but it totally turned me on. Had a FB for a while that was totally into water sports. He kept saying he was hot and wanted his fire put out. About a month later I saw his picture in the newspaper. R48I should have made it more clear:9-6 shift is 9am to 6pm6-9 shift is 6pm to 9am. I was in Barcelona a year ago and saw a group of four of those guys (mossos) on a downtown street corner. One thing that was a turn-off was he always had baby powder caked in his buttocks and crotch.

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I'd still go out with him if he hadn't be transfered. There's a precinct house there, the one they used as an establishing shot on "NYPD Blue." Anyway, I was coming home from getting groceries when a pretty hot cop stopped me and said, "Do you live there? He hadn't been with a guy since he joined the Army, I was first after ten years. I thought it must be because he was religious or something. I was in college and had to transfer and move away. Your personal taste in cops or men in general are your own.He refused to wear a condom and once stuck his gun up my hole.Until he got really crazy, I figured it was a casual downlow relationship, so I could date others. He found out that I was going out with a guy once and he was waiting for me and smelled me. He followed me up to my apartment and then inspected my hole. He eventually married his girlfriend and they moved to Chicago to be near her family.His stepfather caught him masturbating and had him circumcised as a punishment. It was kinda late so we went directly to his bedroom where we fucked and sucked til morn.Early the next day we awoke and he told me he had to run out really quickly and he'd be right back. Next thing you know some guy comes into the room and asks if I was a friend of so-and-so? I get downstairs and the kitchen is occupied by at least six or seven young hot dudes. A Memphis police officer decided to get frisky in his squad car, while on duty!We want to suck them off and have them sit on our face, but how can we pull this off?! He was very masculine, hot ripped body and had a very nice cock. He loved to get his ass eaten, played with, and eventually fucked.I remember that he was the first person that spit in my face while fucking me Missionary position. He was always very stoic, slightly freaked out and dispassionate (eyes on the wall, no touching, NO kissing) He was also totally hot, short dirty blond hair, smooth, powerful build, a little beer gut.If you go out with one, cops do the dumping, they are never dumped themselves. He starts talking very dirty telling me how he wants to fuck me while he's biting and kissing my neck.Also, like most guys where ego and sex are involved, they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. Divorced parents, shitty childhood and a stepfather he loathed. Being the whore that I WAS in my youth I quickly said "let's get outta here." We left and went back to his place.It was a little rough, but I'm not going to complain.I'd never had it like that before and it was kind of thrilling to have someone dominate me like that.


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