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Report a dating scam single dating multiple people

To report state tax fraud, contact your state’s department of revenue or other tax authority.

Tax-related identity (ID) theft is another form of tax fraud.

The majority of accounts on dating websites are genuine people looking for romance, but fraudsters may try to contact you by making fake profiles, getting in touch and building what feels like a loving relationship.

Once a fraudster using a fake dating profile is confident that they’ve won your trust, they will tell you about a problem they’re experiencing and ask you to help out by sending money.

When you think you’ve met the perfect partner through an online dating website or app, but the other person is using a fake profile to form a relationship with you.

They’re using the site to gain your trust and ask you for money or enough personal information to steal your identity.

The ACCC is unable to help you recover money lost to a scam or assist in tracking down a scammer.

If you are impacted, Equifax offers you a free credit monitoring service, Trusted IDPremier.

You can also report certain types of scams and fraud to federal enforcement agencies.

Federal agencies usually can’t act on your behalf, but they can use complaints to record patterns of abuse.

If you suspect or know of an individual or business not complying with federal tax laws, report the tax fraud to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You may be eligible to claim a Whistleblower Informant Award for reporting the fraud.


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