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I must be missing something here, but I can't figure out what it is. Hi, I've have this problem before, the only solution i've found is to use only one templatefield with divs with fix width to simulate columns, and use only one Edit Item Template. In there, I enable and disable fields based on access levels etc...

Couldn't figure out why but like this i can retrieve the updated values with the same code that didn't work with several Template Fields. Hi all, I have been struggling with this issue for about 6 hours.

If the ASPx Client Processing Mode Event Args.process On Server property is set to true, the ASPx Grid View.

Custom Button Callback event is raised, which allows you to perform server-side event processing.

My guess is that if you can get the Gridview has a Currency Manager somehow attached, then you can probably get the values from it.

I'm in a similar boat...almost the same conditions. NET 1.1 that the datagrid had something called a Currency Manager...it looks like the object still exists in 2.0.

The Row Updating event fires fine , but gv2_Row Updated does not fire? Width="99%" Header Style-Css Class="ph Head" Css Class="phone Table" Grid Lines="Both" Auto Generate Edit Button="true" Auto Generate Delete Button="true" On Row Editing="gv2_Row Editing" On Row Canceling Edit="gv2_Row Conceling Edit" On Row Updated="gv2_Row Updated" On Row Updating="gv2_Row Updating" Edit Row Style-Back Color="Light Yellow" Data Key Names="id External ID" If you're manually binding data to the Grid View (not using a Data Source ID), then the Row Updating event will fire after an update command, but the Row Updated event will never fire. Aaron I should have been more specific as to why I need the Row Updated to fire.

(Inherited from ASPx Grid View) Gets a value that indicates whether the control should set the disabled attribute of the rendered HTML element to "disabled" when the control's Is Enabled property is false.

Web Control) Copies any nonblank elements of the specified style to the Web control, overwriting any existing style elements of the control.

Web Control) Copies the properties not encapsulated by the System.

Control) Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the preview row's display text containing HTML code should be parsed and rendered as a pure HTML markup or should be represented as text on a page.

This method is primarily used by control developers.


  1. Binary Image Column Editing; Change Theme Settings. Themes. DevExpress Controls and Libraries ship as part of DevExpress Universal.

  2. ASPxClientGridView. CustomButtonClick Event. { protected void gv_RowUpdatingobject sender, Data. Dim gridView As.

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