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A dark beer from London – called ‘porter’ due to its popularity with the city’s street and river porters – is becoming ever more popular in Dublin.

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Arthur’s Day celebrations kick off a remarkable worldwide toast – joined by 50 million people – and a €2.5 million Arthur Guinness Fund is launched, created to empower social entrepreneurs across Ireland.The first Guinness research laboratory is established under a second Oxford-educated chemist, Alexander Forbes-Watson.This is quickly followed by an experimental brewhouse and experimental maltings, spearheading the transformation of St.It takes adventurous spirit and irrepressible ingenuity to do things the Guinness way.From our humble beginnings in 1759 to the present day, we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to bring you exceptional beer.With Guinness being enjoyed all over the world every day, we’re continuing to experiment and innovate in true pioneering style.Our brewing methods might have been passed down since Arthur’s time, but they never stop evolving. With the successful launch of three new brews – namely Dublin Porter, West Indies Porter and Guinness Golden Ale – behind them, our innovative brewers continue to brew up anything they can dream up, proudly pushing brewing boundaries to bring you beers like no other.Following its success, Guinness enlists gifted landscape artist and portrait painter John Gilroy to bring to life two groundbreaking, long-running campaigns: ‘Guinness is Good for You’ and ‘My Goodness, My Guinness’.The latter features a menagerie of zoo animals, including the now-famous Guinness toucan.We become the first brewer to employ scientists to help us create the perfect beer.Michael Ash is one such man – he invents Guinness Draught’s distinctive ‘surge and settle’ effect and the world’s first nitro beer.


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