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Sedating cats car trips

Our current cat, Beauty, is a good traveler and sleeps most of the journey in her cat carrier, without a litter box.There is a myth, probably devised by canine lovers, that cats make poor travel companions.Layer her carrier with a towel or blanket that smells of home to increase her comfort levels while traveling.There are also cat pheromone sprays, such as Feliway, to use in the carrier that can calm your cat.Traveling with your cat may be a delightful moment for you, but it might be the opposite for your cat, and Dramamine might enter in as an option.Also avoid letting your pet travel on a full stomach.A scratching post or cardboard scratch pad is another must.

The common cause of motion sickness in cats is when the vestibular apparatus within the inner ear is stimulated during car or plane movement.Using the shoulder harness, I buckle the carrier in the the seat next to me, with the opening facing me. She had motion sickness, and it was especially bad on country roads with lots of curves. Your reader, Susan, should speak to her vet for medication.She traveled in a small cat carrier or my lap with access to a litter box, which she used when it was necessary. Motion sickness aids or sedatives might help her cat for the upcoming journey.Any adventure cat owner knows this is totally false, but traveling with your favorite feline can come with a special set of requirements. We have several tips and tricks to make your trip smooth as catnip.Have an ID tag on your kitty at all times and make sure she is microchipped!Although it can be purchased without a prescription and considered safe for cats, it should not be used unless your vet recommends it.Other natural pet calmers are also available to calm and soothe your cat in times of motion sickness.Give a little food, if you must, before the trip, but avoid heavy meals.It is effective and works best when given at least 30 minutes before travel.Do your research on all methods to determine which will be best for your pet.DEAR JOAN: I would suggest that this woman contact her vet and see if he or she would recommend a sedative.


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