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Barely detectable by the naked eye, these are eight-legged parasites that find the earwax and oils in dogs’ ears very appetizing.

Often, they are passed from parents to their puppies, while adult dogs may get them when they come in contact with other dogs in your neighborhood that have them.

Usually these mites only cause a mild infection that can be treated easily.

The complication arises when dogs have a hypersensitivity to ear mites, meaning they find the parasitic bites unbearably itchy.

Always speak to your vet before self-administering any medications to dogs, your vet knows your dog’s medical history and will be able to determine whether this is a safe alternative for your dog and what dosage to offer.

Diazepam is highly addictive and dogs that use this medication for long periods must be weaned off it to stop any aggressive behavior and withdrawals.

Your vet will advise how often to give it, but with dogs suffering with epilepsy it is sometimes administered every couple of hours.

It will be painful seeing your pet hurting and surely you would want to help him as much as you can, which is why this guide was put together.Common side effects include hypotension, respiratory problems, and loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.Some dogs are naturally anxious and with Guy Falk’s and New Year’s Eve, owners often need to turn to medication to keep their petrified dogs calm during firework displays.Unfortunay it’s a sad reality and your dog will be on medication for the rest of its life to ease the seizures.Owning a dog with epilepsy can be a scary thing, especially the first time they have a seizure.Coma has been known to occur in some dogs that take too much of the medication and the sooner they get to the vet the better.Deciding to get a pet dog can be one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make in used to control these seizures, but is seldom used as a long term solution. He is happy again and much more active and his noise phobia is compley gone.The vet may prescribe this medication if your dog is suffering with lots of seizures over a short period of time to control them, but will wean them off the medication and put them on something else for the long run, due to the highly addictive nature of this medication. I am doing this all with my vet, however she ls me not to worry about withdrawals but she just doesn’t get it. I have started giving my old dog Valium and it has worked wonders for him. I am, however, going to stop giving it to him because I will not have him go through withdrawals. It is a strong sedative that is easy to overdose on, so follow the vet’s instructions to the letter and ensure it is out of reach of the dog when not in use to ensure that overdose doesn’t occur. Dogs with liver or kidney problems should not be offered this medication, nor should dogs that are pregnant or nursing.Follow the dosage and directions to the letter and don’t be tempted to give more because your dog is too highly strung.This being said only this medication with your vet’s approval. If your dog develops any of these problems, contact your vet.


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