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Working with John Holland, an engineering company, 4TEL has a contract that provides the opportunity to bring its new machine learning-based approach to trains on the Country Regional Network of New South Wales.At this stage Wust wants to collect data and see how it works with behavioral models.Technology is changing from track technology to in-train technology,” said Derel Wust, managing director at 4TEL Pty Ltd, an Australian private company working on a deep learning pilot program in New South Wales.An example of the high costs for older train technology is playing out in New York’s multibillion-dollar MTA communications-based train control subway project, Wust said.

Swiss Federal Railway Company, which manages nearly 5,000 miles of railways in a country that’s 200 miles wide, was at GTC to talk about its efforts to update train systems to keep them running on time.3DVision Live’s first-ever short-form 3D video contest received 14 entries that showed a great deal of diversity, ranging from video game captures to commercial-style clips to raw captures of pets or people doing cool things (such as bashing each other with swords).During judging we laughed, we cried (okay, maybe not), and we simply scratched our heads….The Fall Photo Contest received nearly 100 images – thanks to all that entered!The contest called for your best “nature” shots with the only other requirement being that they had to be true stereo images.Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a speech that at this rate it will take 40 years to upgrade the entire system.Another report estimated costs of about billion over a 35-year period.At long last take a gander at all the images submitted to this year's 3D Showcase at the National Stereoscopic Association show.Some technical difficulties delayed our ability to publish them, so thanks for you patience - enjoy!That’s because — unlike passenger vehicles or long-haul trucks — trains move on tracks, making them easier to control.Autonomous trains were a hot topic at last month’s GPU Technology Conference last week, with speakers at three sessions spotlighting the impact of NVIDIA GPUs.


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