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difficult to find on Leeward issues – well you can see how long they must have had the 1d in stock.

Which you probably wouldn’t find at all on the 1d violet To Bessie Harper on 26 MR 29 went a rare ppc of Pump Day, Sandy Point, St. It was written 3 days earlier, franked ½d, cancelled at Anguilla (Valley cds) reached Basseterre same day with its friendly message from Beryl.

Page completed by b/w ppc, St George’s Hill, Montserrat One can only barely make out that the 2½d Leeward used on this Bessie Harper 1944 cover was cancelled at St. John’s arrival cds, we can value very modestly Animation returns when a cover from St.

John’s chases Miss Harper c/o Barclays in NY and is redirected c/o Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto.

Decent condn (opened 1½ sides) you can’t help admiring b/stamps of St John N.cat £60In similar fine condition, no gum, on SG29, from row 6, 9 (Sefi no. We infer that all our examples would have been plucked from one sheet, to make impossible acquisition feasible at all1903 Badge issue, the full SPECIMEN set of 10 to 5/- SG31s/40s cat.£200 (once upon a time as in tight finishes to a cricket match of yore, you used to have to “get them in singles”).Without Bessie’s voluminous correspondence to and from her Antigua High St.location there might be nothing like this still to be found (an odd mild fox spot noticed)Ernest Panton Cover (name erased) 25 JA 32 to St Lucia underfranked with ½d cancelled Valley cds nicely twice, St.The re-entries at row 1/8, 2/8 are nicely prominent and although this fairly inexpensive stamp is fairly easily gettable in multiples, we believe there are very few sheets that are still intact, SG25 cat £300 The well-known re-entries at position 8 of rows 1 and 2 of the QV 1d plate vary in intensity according both to the depth of inking and the degree of wear on the plate.There are 14 carefully labelled examples here, whose identification we take from vendor’s annotation, which looks to be accurate.to set price £170 for SG41/50, a few low values with mild gum toning.The used MCA badge set has just one each of the 8 values.Soaked off cover the block would look better and be worth more Correctly franked with current tercent. from £230, but we can’t have that Not least because of the recent publication of the Antigua handbook, and the discovery (offered under BARBUDA) of the use of censor mark CH2, as modified, nearly 2 years after apparently being put into cold store, the next 7 lots offer WWII covers handled by Antigua censors. This unusual destination item lost a portion at SW when its censor strip was ripped away The cover on the next album page bears a P.In this lot, Air Mail cover of JY 28 1941, paying 1/0½d for travel by air to Montreal. C.90 label with censor no.”AA183” added in blue crayon.


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