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A warrant for Finney's arrest had been issued in January, after police learned about the bestiality video featuring the 33-year-old.

At around 9pm on Sunday, officers went to Finney's home at 1125 Ward Street Northwest and found her hiding in the basement and crying.

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According to a report by WKBN-TV, Finney told police the recording was a fake and that she had been drugged with something slipped into her drink.

Police first learned about the incident on January 24 when they began receiving complaints from Internet users claiming to have seen the video that featured Finney allegedly performing sex acts on a dog.

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Finney, who goes by the moniker 'Hood Princess' on Facebook, has owned multiple pets over the years, including a pit bull mix named 'Biggie' and a black-and-white cat.

These led to the two felony charges and the falsification count.

Neff also is accused of failing to credit 25 percent of village income tax revenue to the village's capital improvement fund, resulting in the dereliction of duty indictment.

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