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Thomas Smith was known to whip or prick young boys with pins until they bled, and was accused on at least one occasion of fondling one boy’s genitals), Cistone agreed to keep him at his parish assignment, which included access to boys at the grade school: The Archdiocese leaders left Fr.Smith in his parish assignment despite reports, found to be credible, of sadistic behavior and manipulative efforts to see boys’ genitals, as well as reports of genital fondling of a victim still too embarrassed to come forward publicly.However, the Catholic Church has consistently condemned Freemasonry more than any other error in its history because it promotes indifferentism, naturalism, communism, and other dangerous philosophies.ST PETER DAMIAN: GAY CLERGY ‘ARE DESERVING OF DEATH’ BUFFALO DIOCESE ANNOUNCES ABUSE VICTIM PAYOUTS: Follows New York, Syracuse compensation efforts LEADING NORTHERN IRISH BISHOP JOHN MCAREAVEY STEPS DOWN AMID GAY SEX ABUSE SCANDAL NEW JERSEY PRIEST ACCUSED OF GAY SEX ABUSE: Fr.Patrick Kuffner of Metuchen placed on leave HIGH-RANKING MICHIGAN PRIEST ARRESTED FOR GAY SEX ASSAULT SEX ABUSE DRIVING CANADIAN CHURCH TO BANKRUPTCY: Catholic Church in New Brunswick overburdened by clerical sex abuse suits THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT CRISIS: IS IT A THEOLOGICAL PROBLEM? THE VORTEX: HIDING GAY PRIESTS NEARLY 50 SEX ABUSE CLAIMS FILED IN NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE THE VORTEX: HALF OF PRIESTS AND BISHOPS ARE GAY THE VORTEX: NEW YORK DOUBLES – The blockbuster insider interview! Peter Miqueli sex and embezzlement case EXCLUSIVE TELL-ALL INTERVIEW—NEW YORK CITY GAY PRIEST EMBEZZLEMENT SCANDAL WATCH—NEW YORK’S HOMOSEXUAL PRIEST MAFIA EXPOSED PRIEST CAUGHT IN GAY SEX STING PROMOTED TO HEAD OF NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESAN TV NEW YORK VICAR GENERAL LINKED TO AWOL PRIEST: Msgr. NEW YORK COVER-UP CONTINUES: Collusion between the Bronx DA and the Archdiocese of New York? – The rotten Big Apple archdiocese NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE GAY PRIESTS LOSE PARISHIONERS AND RACK UP BILLS SECULAR PRESS PURSUES NEW YORK CORRUPTION WHEN CARDINAL DOLAN WON’T NEW YORK CATHOLICS HIT BACK AT CORRUPTION NEW YORK ARCHDIOCESE CAPITAL CAMPAIGN TO RAISE 0 MILLION Why Homosexuality is a Natural Law Issue? Greg Mustaciuolo allegedly tied to fleeing priest Msgr.

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Smith’s assertions that the whippings he directed, the pricking of naked boys with pins, and his manipulations to bathe nude with the grade school children in his parishes, served some purpose other than sexual gratification. Bevilacqua from meeting with an abuse victim, claiming such a meeting would be “setting a precedent.” Later, after Cistone’s activities were made public, he said he regretted “any mistakes in judgment,” but refused to discuss anything further, as “it would not serve any purpose to revisit the grand jury report and endeavor to recall the rationale for past decisions made in specific cases.” Cistone’s behavior led a group of children’s rights advocates to press the Saginaw bishop in 2012 to answer questions about his past conduct, but he declined to comment. Church Militant asked the diocese whether it had any knowledge of De Land or other priests’ past sexual activities, but received no direct response to the questions, instead receiving official statements claiming the diocese was fully cooperating with the criminal investigation.“I would imagine when we verify some of the information we’re getting, that other priests will be under investigation.” The detective said five or six other clergy in Saginaw are being accused.Police confirm that, in addition to De Land’s two male victims, about half a dozen other potential victims have stepped forward claiming they were all minors when De Land abused them. Bishop Cistone has mandated that Father De Land must meet all the obligations of the courts, including the critically important directive that he is to have no contact with individuals under 21, for the well being, safety and protection of our community and most especially young people.In another case in Tittabawassee Township involving a 21-year-old male victim, the priest is being charged with one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, which carries 15 years in prison.Since De Land’s arrest, the Tittabawassee Township police department has been “inundated by a number of calls from individuals alleging similar acts over the last 30 years.” But further tips from alleged victims are revealing that other clergy may also be implicated. Brian Berg of Tittabawassee Township, where De Land was arrested.The Saginaw Police Department is also requesting tips at (989) 791-7226.Read the source: https:// Please follow Romeo Hontiveros at Twitter click this link: https://twitter.com/Trumpeta Related Articles/ Videos: FBI Homosexuality click below: FBI (Faith Based Investigation): Homosexuality Many believe the Freemasons are simply a centuries-old charitable fraternity.This prohibits Father De Land from going on school properties and participating in school and parish activities and functions.In addition, Bishop Cistone has informed Father De Land that he must refrain from wearing clerical garb or presenting himself publicly as a priest.The 71-year-old priest, who has been in ministry for 45 years, was released on GPS tether last week, and a preliminary hearing is set for p.m. Before coming to Michigan, Cistone was auxiliary bishop in Philadelphia, where he was intimately involved in helping in the cover-up of sexually abusive priests. William Lynn, who was eventually arrested — claimed that in 1994, Cistone watched as documents were shredded containing names of suspected sex abusers, and then Cistone went on to mislead a grand jury about the cover-up.on March 19 in Judge David Hoffman’s courtroom at the Saginaw County District Court. The case involved 35 accused priests in the archdiocese of Philadelphia, with evidence that Cdl. Bevilacqua had ordered the destruction of documents containing their names.


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