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Evidently, the Transformers declined to plumb the depths of the All Spark's knowledge; it was said to contain the only recorded history of Cybertron, but to the Transformers, the All Spark was the source of life, and that was all that mattered.Some time later, by which point leadership of Cybertron had shifted to an uneasy joint rulership between Optimus and Megatron, the Simfur Temple had come to be guarded by Bumblebee and Cliffjumper.Whether you are looking for new friends or that someone special the Senior Dating Agency can help you find your perfect partner online.On The Senior Dating Agency you can add your profile and pictures for FREE and is 100% safe & secure.

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Sources say it was created by a nameless power for a reason, but that reason is as yet unknown...Its origins are unknown, lost to the distant past sometimes predating even Cybertron itself but it often gives the impression that it possesses a consciousness of some kind and is either working towards a cosmic plan of its own divining or is carrying out the will of a higher power.In truth, the physical All Spark is but a shell to contain the incredible life-giving energies within; should that shell be destroyed the energies will remain as potent as ever merely waiting for a new vessel to inhabit.In the war that followed, Cybertron was decimated, and eventually Optimus was forced to capture the All Spark to keep it out of enemy hands.Eventually, Prime made the decision to launch the All Spark blindly into space to put it beyond Megatron's reach.At Optimus Prime's orders, Bumblebee and a group of Autobots served as decoys, drawing the Decepticons to Tyger Pax, far enough away from the artifact's true location to buy Prime the time needed to prepare the launch.Megatron witnessed the launch from afar, and immediately took off after the cube, pursuing it across the galaxy for thousands of years.The cube itself was forgotten, lost beneath the surface of the planet and without a supply of energy regularly being harvested for it Cybertron's energy began to diminish leading to factionalization and tribal warfare amongst the Transformers.Eventually, one of the Primes' descendants, Sentinel Prime gathered a small group of loyal followers including Optimus and Megatron and together they scoured the depths of Cybertron for the cube.The All Spark was discovered beneath the city of Simfur and unearthed prompting an attack by Sentinel's most violent opponents the Thetacons.During the battle, technical genius Wheeljack used a device to warp space and time teleporting a sun from across the galaxy into Cybertronic space.


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  3. The flagship website of the massive Spark Networks family of sites is Spark.com, whose philosophy is perhaps best explained by their slogan, “a fun site for serious daters.” It's one of the oldest dating websites out there, dating back to 1997, and the “serious daters” angle is demonstrated in a few ways. For example, the first.

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