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Speed dating train german

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Germany's rail system is fast and reliable and covers most points of interest.

While tickets booked "last minute" can be expensive, a bit of planning can make tickets surprisingly cheap.

Despite the rise of Intercity buses in Germany, trains are still the main mode besides cars for travelers to get around.

A train journey from Hamburg in the north to Munich in the south will usually take less than 6 hours.

The same journey by car takes around eight hours, a bus takes ten hours or more and neither of those figures accounts for traffic congestion.

Furthermore, trains will have hourly or two hourly departures on most routes while buses tend to have a much sparser schedule.

In larger urban areas, local transportation companies often form an integrated public transport system, called Verkehrsverbund (VB) (or Verkehrsverbünde in its plural form).

Long-distance trains are not part of a Verkehrsverbund.

On major lines, ICE or IC trains run as often as hourly during the day, and even some smaller cities popular with tourists like Tübingen or Heringsdorf have daily or weekly services.

Examples include VBB around Berlin and Brandenburg (the largest by area), RMV around Frankfurt, MVV around Munich, or Bodo for the area in Germany immediately next to Lake Constance.

These urban transport networks are often (but not always) integrated with the DB network and Verkehrsverbund tickets are valid on local trains.


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