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I'll jump on this bandwagon :-) perhaps the mechanism could be based on the room name instead of special tags.

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We are trying to avoid having the following under the 'Rooms' section in the left for people that have joined each of them: #Coin123_Welcome:chat.#Coin123_Support:chat.#Coin123_Marketing:chat.#Coin123_Trading:chat.#Coin456_Welcome:chat.#Coin456_Support:chat.#Coin456_Marketing:chat.#Coin456_Trading:chat.I could have sworn we had a bug for this already, given the number of people who've asked for slack-style subrooms. eitherway, the idea would be that the act of joining the 'parent' room also joins you to a set of 'child' rooms, which are shown appropriately.

It's basically the request for a team room directory). (edit: apparently 'slack-style subrooms' don't exist and i'm imagining them.


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