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Tennis player gabriela sabatini dating

We'll see if she can trick women like Elisha into taking hush-wedge/money. It's not too smart to shag a bint and only later, after you get some new people, ask her to sign an NDA.It's possible she'll schtum Elisha up, just because Elisha is concerned about her own image. But no matter, there are so many women involved that some will see print. Bo is another former Hollywood porn worker and callgirl.

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In the novel, and subsequent film, Karla loved Dee but wasn't above letting Dee give her lavish gifts. They were together at least from the mid-50's until 1970.

Camilla Belle/Maria Sharpova Kristen Stewart/Nikki Reed Kristen Stewart/Katy-Perry's-assistant Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning Lea Michele/Diane Argon Ellen Page/Clea Duval (this one is most likely true)Cara Delvigne (model and rumored ex of Harry Styles)/Rita Ora (singer) (I didn't know who either of them were until I heard this rumor)Ashley Benson/a-friend-of-Kristen-Stewart's (Benson's at the same time rumored to be dating James Franco)r16, according to Maria Riva, there was alot of flirtation between West and Dietrich, but nothing happened.

I recognize almost all pairings as internet gossip of the last twenty years. But this thread is titled "Rumored lesbian romances in history".[quote] And no R91, this is not just listing all the female celebrities and pairing them up randomly. The talk wasn't about Anna and Alix, but Anna and Rasputin, It wasn't true, but there were rumors. ) picked up Geri Halliwell's ex-beard as her last boyfriend. Martina and Billie Jean, Martina and Wendy, Billie Jean and Wendy, Martina and Billie Jean and Wendy. As r82 pointed out, are we including those who were known to be full couples? There aren't any rumors about Jacqueline Bisset but she has always pinged my gaydar. Tallulah Bankhead and Billie Holiday Alia Nazimova and June Mathis Diedre Hall and Jane Elliott(Sp?If you thought you saw the FUR FLY between Alexis and Krystle back in the 80s, you ain't seen NUTHIN' yet! The ones mentioned in some of these like r49 (Jodie-Gina) , r54 ( Madonna-Sandra) , r43 (Joan-Cherie) and Lindsey-Sam were in relationships and not just rumored.[quote]R6 is making up the one about Empress Alexandra and Anna Vyrubova! Tonthis day I cannot see a French bread, or a salami without getting aroused. Always though Candice Bergen was, especially when she married the French director. I can definitely see them having a fling behind the scenes. )Beth Ann Bonner and Bree Williamson Alla Nazimova and Anna May Wong Alla Nazimova and Jean Acker Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner[quote]Spring Byington and Marjorie Main This is my very favorite couple of all time.Just saw her in two things recently: The Fall and Hannibal. They seemed to have be trying to throw out names and rumours and fabrications and seeing if anyone would bite.Gillian's been linked with many women, and I'm not denying any of that, but whenever she and her sexuality are mentioned on DL there is a efforts by a particular individual to link her to the woman at r139, which is a fabrication.From previous threads where this individual has made these claims, it's been quite apparent on several occasions that the same individual has been attempting to bump his/her posts and get a "discussion' going.And, the idea that I am personally employed by Gillian Anderson is certainly flattering for me, but hilarious and wrong.Helen Hunt was like a sexier Jodie Foster when they were both younger. Anytime the gossip gets good on this woman they swoop in and start calling people liars and idiots. Not a Gillian Anderson fan girl and I don't care whose muff she's diving into these days but her career didn't end with the X-Files. Sorry but I can't shake the feeling that Gillian Anderson has a P. department working for her on gossip sites: there's always someone that appears to announce that her career is still thriving and she wouldn't sleep with certain women who have been consistently linked to her. R173, that woman has only ever been linked to Anderson on this site, by a person or persons who appear to have been shilling for the Sun newspaper (if you remember the thread).I could have sworn that her career ended with x-files. I endorse the Bo Derek & Annette Haven affair; that was one of those open secrets. She has consistently worked since the X-files ended. It seems like an awful lot of work for someone who is a character actress in a few tv shows. There was a thread a year or so ago, when Anderson was reappearing on UK tv and it was clear the Sun was desperately trying to break some kind of "lesbian scandal" story on her.



  1. Stefanie Maria "Steffi" Graf German pronunciation ˈʃtɛfiː ˈgʁaf; born 14 June 1969 is a German former professional tennis player. She was ranked world No. 1 and won 22 Grand Slam singles titles.

  2. Singolare 1; Vittorie/sconfitte 620 - 152 80,31% Titoli vinti 36 WTA, 4 ITF Miglior ranking 1º 22 agosto 2005 Ranking attuale 41° 29 gennaio 2018

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