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I (22M) had a date last Thursday night with a girl (23F) that I thought went really well.I saw on this girl's profile that she was obsessed with France and wine, so I took her to this nice French wine bar in So Ho (NYC).

Fast forward a year after my class graduated from high school.Then I started spazzing and playing the game in my mind - ' Well, if he hasn't texted me since Tuesday and it's Saturday, he's probably not interested, so if I follow up I might look like a tool.' And it was like... WHY do you think you are a tool for following through on arranging a group outing he suggested that you implied you would set up? I am going to see your cousin tomorrow then I'll group text you guys. Let me know.' So even if he's not romantically inclined towards me, he's cool people and a friendship is valuable if we can forge one. Also since I don't actually know the guy, I don't need to freak out if he isn't in love with me after a coffee date! But being by yourself shows that you have no friends, so make sure you do lots of things with lots of people.I'm also realizing when you don't know someone, every single thing they do feels like a huge sign or comes off as way more significant than it may actually be. Be happy about where you are in life, but be reaching for more.OK so the TL; DR is: it's high school, cute girl asks me out, I get nervous and reject her, then she never talks to me again and I feel terrible about it because she is really sweet and I didn't consider her feelings (TL; DR ends here).Actually, we're still acquaintances, but she definitely doesn't talk to me as much anymore.If you're looking for advice on where to take your girlfriend on a romantic dinner or how to surprise your boyfriend for your anniversary, you can consult traditional dispensaries of dating wisdom, like are ones you want to imitate.(Looking at you, Lannisters.) However, every couple on the show is dealing with obstacles way bigger than your lover's Polka passion.But it confused me so much because I'm a huge nerd, all I do is play World of Warcraft after school, plus I have no idea what to do on a date, much less be romantic.I feel like I'd let her down if we were in a relationship.I said "no" to her for several reasons, biggest reason is because I had a lot of anxiety over it.She is a popular cheerleader who just happened to sit next to me at English and she had a thing for me.


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